Our Learning Spaces

Through the provision of nurturing home like spaces we have established an optimal learning atmosphere where children have opportunities to develop lifelong skills in comfortable surroundings.

Our environments respond to children’s strengths and interests in a way that compliments individual learning styles and temperaments.

Educators pay special attention to the development of each child’s physical, personal, social, emotional and spiritual wellbeing as well as cognitive learning. We use deliberate decisions to provide challenging experiences and use strategies such as modelling, demonstrating, open questioning, speculating, explaining, and problem solving to encourage shared thinking.

We focus on maximising opportunities for children to imagine, create and explore using play as the vehicle to drive their discoveries. ‘The whole child’ takes centre stage in all of our holistic planning represented in daily reflections and validated in the journeys of individuals in personal portfolios.

Educators understand that transitions are vital to long term growth and success and therefore embed school preparation opportunities in daily experiences with transitioning children. We also acknowledge this as an important milestone for families ensuring that the journey is also a rewarding experience for them.

Our Outdoor Spaces

At Inglewood Childcare and Kindergarten we have a deep respect for outdoor learning spaces and thus ensure that our children have the opportunity to explore the natural landscape in a park like atmosphere. Incorporating a balance of both natural and built resources, our children learn to appreciate the environment whilst simultaneously harnessing their physical skills using our unique centre resources.

Our playgrounds are rich in natural resources which complement man made resources in such a way that best support the physical development. Using each space to harness natural sunlight our children are exposed to challenging obstacles, sustainable resources and private spaces.

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