Our History

Inglewood Childcare & Kindergarten was established in 1960

Inglewood Childcare was established in 1960 by Gwen Neilsen who was the inaugural president. A state government grant was made available in the amount of 250 pounds and the local government had to match pound for pound. In March 1960 with the support of Creche and Kindergarten Association, Inglewood Preschool commenced operation and  by December 1963 there was 62 children enrolled.

In June 1965 the local council offered a block of land for sale to the committee for 250 pounds and the offer was accepted and the committee took a major step forward as the numbers continued to grow.

By January 1966 the committee applied to the Education Department after receiving additional funds through another grant from the council to purchase the old prep room from Inglewood State School. The department accepted the offer and a contractor from Warwick moved the building onto the kindy site in April 1966.

The local Apex club made a substantial donation which helped with alterations to the building. These were guided by a Creche and kindergarten advisor.

1967 was a busy year raising money and making sure the kindergarten building standards were passed. The committee acknowledges many local businesses that supported them through this time with financial donations.

In 1969 the kindergarten was affiliated with Creche and Kindergarten association and was one of the first 25 kindergartens established in Queensland.

In 1970 the name changed to Inglewood Kindergarten Association.

In 1974 the Department of Education ran their free preschool program from the building until the new building was built in the state school.

Playgroup was also run out of the building in the afternoons from 1985.

In 1986 the association became incorporated.

The following years were spent getting advise and applying for grants where possible to alter plans for the building and after working closely with government we were successful in applying for joint funding from the Commonwealth and State governments under the rural children’s centre funding program. A cheque was presented in the amount of $320000. The money was used to extend and renovate the existing building. We received additional funds from the Gaming committee for play gym equipment.

Inglewood Kindergarten and Childcare is a standalone centre with approval now for 49 children each day.


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